If you have a boat and reside in South Carolina, you’ll need a title for your boat and outboard motor. We provide an insider’s look at South Carolina’s boat title service. Practically all of the state’s boat title services are provided via the Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR).

Our book, “Boat Title Service for South Carolina” tells you how to legally title and register your boat and/or outboard motor. This book includes clickable links to essential fillable forms and other online resources.

In South Carolina, the boat title process may seem complicated and frustrating. You can choose to hire a third-party boat title service, but why should you? All they do is follow the same procedure that our book describes. Moreover, a boat title service may charge you $125 or more per title over and above your county taxes, state taxes, and SCDNR fees.

In other words, our book can save you more than $100. We can also save you time and help you avoid expensive mistakes.