Boat Title Service Anderson SC

You’ve bought a boat. Congratulations! Did you also buy an outboard motor? If so, that’s fantastic! You will have a lot of fun with your boat. However, you need to know that you need boat title service Anderson, SC to enjoy your boat legally.

Why do I need boat title service Anderson SC?

South Carolina law requires owners to obtain a boat title and registration for watercraft that are used on the state’s waterways.

The law also requires that owners obtain a title for outboard motors rated for 5 horsepower or more.

Boat title service Anderson SC can save you from embarrassing and expensive complications while you’re enjoying the water.

Did you know that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) has enforcement officers and watercraft that can stop and ticket you while you’re on the water?

Besides its patrol force, SCDNR uses its investigators to research boat incidents and track down reports of stolen, missing, and unregistered watercraft.

If you don’t have a boat title in your name, you may have to pay a substantial fine.

What complications can I avoid with boat title service Anderson, SC?

A proper boat title and outboard motor title can help you avoid complications such as fines and seizures. For instance, if you don’t have the proper documents with your boat while you’re operating it, you could receive legal and civil penalties.

South Carolina’s boat title services can also save you from possible legal complications for possessing stolen property. Here’s how.

Legal boat purchases

You can prevent a lot of heartache by obeying South Carolina’s boat title laws and regulations.

In South Carolina, you may only legally buy a boat if the boat is currently titled in the seller’s name.

So, if you violate the law by buying a boat from a person whose name isn’t on the current boat title, you could end up buying stolen property.

What if a seller has a boat, but the boat’s title is in someone else’s name?

In South Carolina, you cannot legally buy a boat from someone whose name isn’t on the current title.

If you want to buy a boat from someone who does not have a boat title in his or her name, you must ask them to access SCDNR’s boat title services to get a legal title for the boat.

If and when the current owner furnishes you with a boat and/or motor title in their name, you may buy the boat and/or motor.

How do I get boat title service for Anderson SC?

SCDNR has specific titling requirements and procedures which you must follow to get your boat and/or outboard motor titled and registered in South Carolina.

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