How do I get a Replacement Watercraft Title in SC?

No one can legally sell a boat in South Carolina unless the seller has a title in their name. Now, you have a question, “How do I get a replacement watercraft title in SC?

If you are selling a boat in South Carolina, you must have a title that’s in your name. Similarly, if you’re buying a boat in South Carolina, you should never complete the transaction until the boat is first titled in the seller’s name.

S.C. Law prohibits the sale or purchase of watercraft or outboard motor without a valid title issued in the seller’s name to assign over to the purchaser at the time of sale.


When a title exists, but the seller has lost it, the seller should apply for a duplicate title. In South Carolina, the duplicate title fee for a boat or outboard motor is $5. If you need a replacement title for your boat and outboard motor, you must pay a duplicate title fee for both.

How do I get a replacement watercraft title in SC?

Duplicate Boat Title Process

If you have proof that the seller owns the boat and/or outboard motor you want to buy, you can submit the $5 duplicate title fee (besides other fees and your casual excise tax) with your Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application.

When you don’t have a title in the seller’s name, you must complete Section H of your application and have it signed, dated, and notarized.

No Boat Title, No Chain of Paperwork

If you purchase a watercraft and/or an outboard motor without a title then you will need to obtain the proper chain of paperwork from previous owner(s), along with the fees and then you will need to complete an Affidavit In Support for Application for Title for Watercraft/Outboard Motor.

TIP: Buying a boat that has legitimate existing paperwork can reduce your legal liability and accelerate the titling and registration processes.

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