Boat Title Service in NC

You can receive boat title service in NC at any local Wild Service Agent. You can also access boat title services in North Carolina by mail.

Boat Title Service in NC

Whether by mail or in person, you can get your boat titled and registered in North Carolina without needing a third-party boat title service.

How to access Boat Title Services in North Carolina

The State of North Carolina makes boat title services easily accessible via Wildlife Service Agents. You will discover that many stores have contracted with the state’s government to make boat titles and registrations available during routine business hours.

You can also get boat title services in North Carolina through the mail and in-person at the North Carolina Wildlife Office.

What is an NC Wildlife Service Agent?

An NC Wildlife Service Agent is an independent agent of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. These agents represent the state of North Carolina and provide a variety of services, including hunting and fishing licenses and boat titles and registrations.

How can I find a local North Carolina Wildlife Service Agent?

You can visit this page to search for a NC Wildlife Service Agent near you.

How do I submit my form to NC Boat Title Services?

You can complete an NC Vessel Registration & Title Application and mail it, along with your supporting documentation and fees to:

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Transaction Management
1709 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1700

Can I get boat title services directly from the NC Government?

Yes. You can access walk-in NC boat title services at NCSU Centennial Campus, NCWRC Headquarters, 1751 Varsity Drive, Raleigh, NC

How do I title and register my boat in NC?

Tiling requirements vary depending on your boat’s situation.

New Boats

If you buy your boat from a licensed marine dealer, your dealer will most likely handle your boat title and registration for you. If not, you can fill out an NC VL-1 form (NC Vessel Registration & Title Application) and bring it, your MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin), and your fees to your local NC Wildlife Service Agent. You can also submit your VL-1, MSO, and fees (via U.S. Mail or in person) to NCWRC headquarters in Raleigh, NC.

NC Used Boats

Different rules apply, depending on whether your vessel has a title. Both cases require you to complete an NC Vessel Registration & Title Application (VL-1) form, supporting documents, and applicable taxes and fees.

Titling and registering a used boat with a title in North Carolina

To get a title for and register a used boat in North Carolina, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The original North Carolina title properly assigned with the seller’s signature notarized in the transfer section.
  • For out-of state boats, you will need to submit the original out of state title properly assigned and notarized. If the original out of state title does not require notarization of the seller’s signature NCWRC will accept it as a proof of ownership document as long as the transfer section of the title is completed properly by the seller.
  • A properly completed VL-1.
Registering and titling a used boat that doesn’t have a title in North Carolina.
  • A completed NC Vessel Registration & Title Application (VL-1) form.
  • Notarized bill of sale.
  • If you are purchasing this vessel from a non-titling state you will need to submit a copy of the seller’s out-of-state vessel registration card as proof they were the last registered owner of the vessel.
  • Applicable taxes and fees.

Registering and titling a used boat bought from a licensed marine dealer.

In most cases, when you buy a used boat from a dealer, your dealer will provide NC boat title services for you.

Going Farther

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