Boat Title Service Near Me

“Where can I find a boat title service near me?”

South Carolina provides boat title services via the Department of Natural Resources.

You can walk into SCDNR offices in either Columbia or Charleston to obtain their boat title service. Of course, those two offices may not be convenient to your location.

In Upstate South Carolina, for example, you have no way to obtain in-person boat title services. Sure, SCDNR has a Clemson, SC office. However, that office doesn’t process boat titles and registrations.

Fortunately, help is available.

Boat Title Service Near Me

You don’t have to look farther than your computer, smartphone, or tablet to get your boat title. In other words, you have the liberty to get your boat title without paying a third-party-service to mail the forms for you.

Download our ebook, Boat Title Service for South Carolina to learn how to get your boat title.

In exchange for a onetime fee of $9.95, you’ll get an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to getting your boat and outboard motor registered and titled in South Carolina. is our payment processor. So, when you buy our ebook, you’ll enjoy a safe, secure checkout. You’ll also gain instant access to our boat title service ebook.

Should I use the third-party boat title service near me?

You can pay a third-party boat title service to fill out and mail your paperwork. These services can charge $125 or more for their service in addition to your county and state taxes. You could pay $200 or more for special forms such as the Affidavit in Support of a Title.

Why pay all that money when you can do it yourself?

Our ebook contains embedded links that connect you with vital online resources. Inside, we’ll show you how you can fill out your watercraft title application on your computer or device.

Why did SCDNR reject the application submitted by the boat title service near me?

If the third-party boat title service near you makes a mistake, SCDNR will return your watercraft title application to you, not to them.

If this happens, it’s your job to get a refund from the boat title service that made the mistake. Why should you pay $125 or more to have someone botch your boat title application?

Our ebook shows you how to access the official SCDNR boat title service. When you buy it, you’ll instantly save more than $100.

If you make a mistake on your application, you’ll have the liberty to fix it quickly without needing to involve expensive third-party boat title services.

Does your ebook save me money compared to boat title services near me?

Yes. Our ebook costs $26.95 and is available as an instant download. You’ll have the liberty to get a title for your boat and outboard motor. You’ll even find out how to process special situations:

  • Titling an out-of-state boat from a non-titling state.
  • Titling an in-state boat with a missing title.
  • Processing a boat with an unclear chain of ownership.
  • Out-of-state registration card is missing.
  • Taxes or liens are outstanding on your boat and motor.

So, rather than paying the nearest third-party boat title service $125 besides county and state taxes and fees, you pay $26.95. You instantly save more than $100!

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