You Don’t Need Liberty SC Boat Title Services

Why do you want to pay $125 or more besides South Carolina DNR fees, and state and county taxes? You don’t need Liberty SC boat title services. Continue reading to find out more.

You want to have your South Carolina boat title right now. Unfortunately, you have to wait a couple weeks if you submit your boat title application through the mail.

Naturally, you think that a nearby third-party boat title service can help.

We’re not saying they can’t do the job. They can do it. They can also charge you $125 or more in addition to your taxes and fees. Also, with them, you most likely will have to wait a week or two before they take your watercraft title application to Columbia.

You don’t need Liberty SC boat title services.

Do you realize that the Liberty SC boat title service can’t get you a boat title faster than what you can do for yourself?

You can fill out your title application and mail it to SCDNR. You can legally operate your boat for 60 days.In a few weeks, you’ll have your title in your mailbox.

Sounds easy. Right? It is easy.

If you’re still unsure, let’s go over the nightmare you could experience while titling your dream boat through Liberty SC boat title services.

Think about time and money.

Calcuate the cost of Liberty SC boat title services. To help you understand how it works, here’s an outline of what to expect.

  1. Call to ask about the Liberty boat title service.
  2. They may or may not answer your call. You may or may not leave a message on their answering machine.
  3. Talk about your boat’s situation with one or two people.
  4. Schedule an appointment. Boat title service Liberty SC doesn’t have an operating schedule. They operate in the basement of a house.
  5. How far away is Liberty SC from you? Calculate travel time as part of your cost.
  6. When you arrive, you’ll meet their dog.
  7. Clients often find out that the boat title service is busy doing something else. (Boat title services aren’t their only business.) Also, you could have to wait an hour or more while a previous boat title client finishes.
  8. Expect to spend two hours as you hear endless stories, deal with confusion, deal with interruptions such as phone calls and walk-in customers for their other business. You may hear unnerving banter between an older man and his wife.
  9. The Liberty SC boat title service will fill out by hand your watercraft and/or outboard motor application. CAUTION: Illegible handwriting can result in typographical errors and other mistakes on your finished boat title.
  10. You’ll pay at least $125 and leave them with a check to use to pay your SCDNR fees.
  11. During your unexpectedly long time in the basement, you may have missed important personal or business appointments. How do you put a price tag on that inconvenience?
  12. Drive from Liberty SC to home or work.
  13. Wait. They might tell you they’ll take your title to Columbia tomorrow, this week, or next week. You don’t know what they’ll do. (They won’t go to Columbia until they have several boat titles to process.)
  14. Wonder. You’ll wonder why nobody has called you. After a while, you’ll call them.
  15. When they finally get your boat title, they’ll leave it unattended outside, in a box.
  16. Another round-trip to Liberty SC and back. You’ll pick up your boat title. If you’re lucky, another client hasn’t accidentally taken your paperwork.
  17. When you discover a problem, you must repeat the entire cycle.

Does it sound like a nightmare? It is a nightmare.

You don’t need Liberty SC boat title services.

Do it yourself with our ebook.

You don’t need to deal with scary dogs, long stories, arguing old folks, poor handwriting, and a haphazard operation. You can directly access South Carolina boat title services via the SC Department of Natural Resources.

Use our ebook to make the process painless. You’ll check out securely via Gumroad and instantly download your licensed copy of our SC boat title application guide.


You don’t have to pay a third-party boat title service. You can save $125 or more by doing it yourself.

Do you need help with your boat and outboard motor title applications? Get our e-book. For $26.99, we’ll take you step-by-step through the SC boat title process.

Our ebook includes direct links to online resources, including the Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application.

You’ll fill out your title application on your computer or device, eliminating the errors caused by handwritten information.

You can save $110 or more by buying our e-book.


You saw their sign. You think you’re making the right move. Wrong! Here’s what to expect from the fly-by-night boat title service in Liberty SC.

The Liberty Boat Title Nightmare

Expect to spend 15 to 30 minutes on the phone before you schedule an appointment.

Hope to set an appointment that you can keep. The people who run the Boat Title service have irregular hours, so you never know whent they’ll be around.

Depending on where you live and work, you may spend as much as two hours driving to and from the Liberty SC boat title service.

Expect to spend at least 90 minutes in the basement. (Clients typically spend as long as three or four hours in the basement.)

They have a big dog that is in the basement with you.

Summary: You’re going to spend 4 or 5 hours just to have someone fill out your title application. all the while, you’re missing lunch, work, or a date.

Beware of the dog.

How much is your time worth?

Wait, but you don’t have to

You can complete your title application in 30 to 60 minutes. Why are you sitting around, waiting for your Liberty boat title service to decide to go to Columbia to process your boat title application?

Just follow the procedure in our Boat Title Service book for South Carolina, and you won’t have to wait.

South Carolina allows 60 days for you to get a new title and registration for your boat and/or outboard motor.

After mailing your application, you can expect to wait up to three weeks to receive your title in the mail.

Where’s the advantage?

You don’t have to deal with the chaos of the Liberty SC boat title service. Get our ebook instead. We’ve updated it in June 2023 to include the new South Carolina boating laws.

Need more SC boat title information?

Find out how easily you can get your South Carolina boat title. Buy our ebook now.

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After paying for your ebook, you’ll an instant download to your computer.

Going Farther.

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