How do I get a Replacement Boat Title in SC

You’ve lost the title for your boat. You probably didn’t notice until you decided to sell the boat. It’s illegal to sell a boat and/or outboard motor without a title, so you’re asking, “How do I get a replacement boat title in SC?”

It’s easy.

You can directly access the South Carolina boat title service via the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

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Pay your property tax. Complete and mail the Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application to SCDNR. Include supporting documents and a check payable for SCDNR fees and Casual Excise Tax.

You can legally operate your watercraft for 60 days (or until you receive your title and registration).

In a few weeks, you’ll receive your boat and/or outboard motor in the mail.


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How do I get a replacement boat title in SC?

You need a title for your South Carolina boat and outboard motor before you sell it.

The seller of a used watercraft or outboard motor in South Carolina must produce a South Carolina Certificate of Title in his/her name at the time of sale. Titles are valid until the watercraft or outboard motor is sold, traded or exchanged. A title with erasures, white out or information marked through is not valid. The owner must request a duplicate title. Titles are required for all sailboats, all outboard motors 5 horsepower and greater, and all other watercraft except: documented vessels, windsurfers, and those propelled by human power with oars, paddles or similar devices.

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We suggest that you obtain your duplicate title before you sell your boat. That way, you and your buyer will have confidence in the transaction.

Can I sell my boat and let the buyer deal with getting a replacement title?

Yes and no.

First, in South Carolina, selling a boat and/or outboard motor without a title in your name is illegal. Does that matter to you?

Fortunately for you, the State of South Carolina seems lax on enforcement.

In fact, SCDNR will allow the buyer to obtain a duplicate title as part of their titling process. Of course, this will only work if SCDNR records reflect the seller as the currently titled owner of the watercraft.

So, yes, you can sell your boat and let the buyer handle the issue with the missing title. Make sure you properly complete your Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application and submit it with supporting documents to SCDNR.

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Should I buy a boat from a seller who doesn’t have a title in their name?

No. In South Carolina it’s illegal to buy a boat and/or outboard motor without having a South Carolina title in the seller’s name.

If you “take the seller’s word” that they had a title in their name and lost it, you can submit a duplicate title order as part of your Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application. If, however, SCDNR discovers that a title did not exist in the seller’s name, you may face legal and civil liability for possessing a stolen boat and/or outboard motor.

You should also think about taxes. If your seller hasn’t paid their current South Carolina property tax, you will have to pay all back taxes as well as your current property tax.

BOTTOM LINE: Save yourself a lot of trouble and potential risk: Don’t buy a boat and/or outboard motor from a seller who doesn’t have a title in their name. Always check for back taxes and liens before you pay for your boat and/or outboard motor.

Should I pay to access South Carolina Boat Title Services?

You might feel like you need help to get a duplicate title for your boat and/or outboard motor. Third-party boat title services will charge $125 or more, besides taxes and fees, to have someone do the job for you. Why not do it yourself?

Get our ebook instead. Boat Title Service for South Carolina costs $14.99. It will guide you through the process. You’ll fill out your Watercraft/Outboard Motor Application on your computer, check and update the tax status of your boat. You’ll apply directly to SCDNR.

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Do I need to go to Columbia or Charleston to get a duplicate title for my boat and outboard motor?

No. SCDNR offers boat title services via the U.S. Mail. You have 60 days to operate your watercraft and/or outboard motor before you need to have the title and registration in your name. SCDNR usually gets the paperwork to you in two weeks or less.

What if I don’t like your ebook?

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