Boat Title Service in SC

Boat title service in South Carolina comes from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The department operates titling operations in Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC.

You can visit those locations to have your boat title services provided while you wait. Otherwise, you must send your paperwork through the mail.

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Upstate South Carolina residents often think they can get their boat title service from the Clemson, SC office. SCDNR operates an office in Clemson, but that office cannot provide boat title services.

Boat title service in SC

Living in Upstate South Carolina means that you have access to some wonderful lakes that provide unlimited opportunities for you to enjoy your watercraft. Unfortunately, living in Upstate South Carolina also means that you have limited access to boat title services.

Boat title service via U.S. Mail

You probably want to get your boat title now. You want it now. Why do you have to wait for it? Besides, all the paperwork seems complicated. How can you understand it?

You can do it.

Get the help you need by buying our e-book. You’ll get a step-by-step guide that makes sense of the boat titling process. In South Carolina, you must also get a title for your outboard motor.

No problem.

In Boat Title Service for South Carolina, you’ll get all the information needed to navigate smoothly through South Carolina’s boat title services.

Don’t worry about timing. SCDNR gives you 60 days to get your watercraft title and registration. You must follow three easy steps:

  1. Pay your property taxes (if applicable).
  2. Complete your watercraft title application.
  3. Photocopy your title application form and related documents. Keep them with you in your watercraft at all times.
  4. Mail your application to South Carolina boat title services at SCDNR.
  5. When you receive your title and registration, apply the sticker to your boat and keep your documents in a safe place. Always keep your registration card with you aboard your boat.

Third-Party boat title service in SC

Let’s face it: You’ve probably never done this before. That’s why getting help makes sense. All the help you need is in our e-book. It has live links to the resources you need to get your boat and outboard motor titled in SC.

You don’t need to pay someone $125 or more to get your boat title for you. Our ebook costs less than $20. What could you do with that extra 100+ dollars?

Here’s a nightmare scenario. Pretend you choose the boat title service in Liberty SC. What could go wrong?

Hypothetical Nightmare: Using a third-party boat title service in Liberty SC

If you want to spend more time and money without changing your result, choose one of the third-party boat title services in Upstate South Carolina.

Use your imagination and follow along with me as you experience the boat title service in Liberty SC.

Step One: Call for an appointment

Call the boat title service to schedule an appointment. You might not get to schedule a convenient time. You find out they have no regular hours and may or may not be open when you need them.

What will you do? Leave a message on the answering machine? Will anyone return your call? Anyway, what kind of outfit still uses an answering machine?

HINT: You will experience a low-tech nightmare.

Step Two: Drive to Liberty SC

Next, you’ll have to drive there. If you’re in Clemson SC or Easley SC, you’re at least half an hour away. If you’re in Seneca SC, Anderson SC, or Greenville SC, you could be 45 minutes away or more.

Step Three: Deal with the Dog

Imagine meeting an aggressive barking dog upon arrival. Think about the assurances you might receive: “She won’t hurt you.”

Step Four: Hang out in a cluttered basement

Can you see yourself entering a messy basement of a house? Can you visualize an elderly man who doesn’t know how to speak proper English? He’s not illiterate. He’s nice though.

Does his desk look messy? Will he misplace your paperwork? Does he have memory issues?

Can you imagine hearing never-ending stories?

Imagine your frustration growing as you sit in the basement waiting for him after he leaves to do something else. What if he takes a string of long phone calls while you sit there, failing to meet your obligations.

Is he engaged in another, unrelated business while you’re sitting there?

Can you imagine an old guy arguing in front of you with his wife?

What if he gets confused, makes mistakes, and asks time-consuming and irrelevant questions?

Imagine growing increasingly frustrated as you sit there… for hours. two or three hours.

You planned on spending less than an hour there. Now you’re late for work. Maybe, you’ve missed an important appointment or a lunch date.

Can you see yourself handing over $125 in cash or check? That’s on tol of the blank signed checks youyou leave behind tocover your boat title and registration fees and excise tax.

How valuable is your time?

Step Five: Drive Home

Imagine on the long drive home or back to work, wondering how such a bizarre situation could seem so real.

Step Six: Wait

Imagine thinking that the boat service was going to Columbia on the following day. Maybe it was going to happen on Friday.

What happens if something “comes up?”

What if you thought they took your paperwork to Columbia and got your boat title and registration?

Maybe you were their only customer that week. Maybe they don’t want to go all the way to Columbia SC for one boat title.

Can you imagine waiting two weeks or longer for them to take your paperwork to Columbia?

Think about what happens if something’s not right. What if they couldn’t read his handwriting and there’s a typo?

You’ll have to wait another 1 to 3 weeks.

Step Seven: Pick up your Title

Visualize returning to Liberty SC to pick up your watercraft title and registration.

Imagine not having to deal with the dog because they leave your boat title outside in an unsecured box, possibly along with other boat titles.

What would you think if you knew that pick up was self-serve?

Can you imagine other people browsing through your paperwork? Can you see the possibility of someone else accidentally taking your boat title by nobody ever snoops on the contents of the box. No way.

Step Eight: Was it worth it?

Can you imagine spending at least four hours of your life working with a third-party boat title service?

How long does it take to get to Columbia SC?

If your time is worth, say, $50 per hour, you’ve spent $200 besides your boat title service fee, property taxes, SCDNR fees, and excise taxes.

That’s $325 plus taxes and fees.

You could’ve gotten it done for $14.99 plus taxes and fees.

You could’ve done it from the comfort of your home or office. No nightmare scenarios in basements with long stories, delays, and barking dogs.

Boat Title Service for South Carolina

Get the ebook now. You can fill out your forms on your computer or device, print them, and put them in the mail.

Boat title service in SC is easy.

SCDNR will send you your title and registration through the mail.

You can enjoy your boat and your life.

You just saved a lot of money!

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